This last year has been incredible for our collaborations with brands world wide. Working with Vaperizzo, Kontrl to Inhale and Ohm Boy OC. It has been a great to get the ODB name out there in the world for anyone to see and even greater when our designs are shown, simple and intense, to all new vapers around the world.

We have now worked doing over 200+ collaborations with other brands and even worked with some shops in the UK.

Looking at a couple shops like Royal Flush Vape in the UK ( coming up with their magic and filigree styled battery wrap. To the Woodpecker themed wraps we came up with for The Vape Shed (

From time to time, I find myself bombarded with many people asking for their own wraps to be done but ultimately fall at the first hurdle, but generally it all goes well… I have a strict task list of how I decide whom to work with. Ultimately again, this comes down to a couple fundamental reasons. 1) Your not a dick. 2) The idea is great.

All in all I am excited about the next year of ODB wraps but also very excited about the way that my team at ODB Design is handling all the work. Wraps isn’t the only thing we’ve done for other brands. From Snapbacks to Beer cans, Business logos to full rebrandings. We must be doing something right to get such a gracious amount of feedback and work… I am humbled by the community and how they want to work with me.

So, today I am sitting here just dwelling on how it has all turned out. Designing 3 more brands wraps as we speak and figuring out a whole new line for another. Who knew this would be how it would be.

This year may be a bit slower as I am due to go on paternity leave very soon.. But I am sure it will just be a dent in the every growing world, that is, ODB.

Sending love to you all.

Signing off.


By Christopher Streeter


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