2 x 27g cores wrapped with 37g all TMN80 Resistance:2.5mm ID | 6 Wraps | Dual coil 0.18Ω – 0.20Ω2.5mm ID | 6 Wraps | Single coil 0.36Ω – 0.40Ω...
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2 x 27g cores wrapped with 37g all TMN80

2.5mm ID | 6 Wraps | Dual coil 0.18Ω – 0.20Ω
2.5mm ID | 6 Wraps | Single coil 0.36Ω – 0.40Ω

We build handmade custom coils currently using Nichrome 80. It will produce unbelievable flavor and vapor.

These coils contain in pairs.

Can be used for dual or single, following to your preference or atty

Please use high drain batteries.

This product is intended for mechanical, regulated or parallel battery devices.

PLEASE NOTE: Resistance will depend on the length of lead between the posts. Before the dry fire, coils will be ohm out lower so please use a regulated device that can fire down to at least 0.08ohm.

Caution :
Only for advanced vapers.
They do not fit in all RDA’s or RDTA’s
Use this product at your own risk.

How to Use ODB Battery Wraps | Vaping 101

How to Use ODB Battery Wraps

ODB battery wraps are a crucial accessory for maintaining the safety and integrity of your vaping batteries. Whether you have a 21700 or an 18650 battery, these wraps provide both protection and a personalized touch to your vaping experience.

What are ODB Battery Wraps?

ODB Battery Wraps are high-quality, uniquely designed sleeves that cover the external part of your vaping batteries. They are essential for replacing damaged or torn wraps, preventing hazards such as battery venting or fires.

Why Use ODB Battery Wraps?

  • Prevents direct shorts caused by nicks or tears in battery sleeves.
  • Enhances battery life by protecting its exterior.
  • Adds a personalized style to your batteries.

Steps to Apply ODB Battery Wraps

  1. Preparation: Gather a hairdryer or a heat gun, which is essential for the wrapping process.
  2. Removal: Carefully remove the old wrap from the battery. Be sure to keep the top plastic ring of the battery, as it's crucial for reassembly.
  3. Application: Slide the new ODB wrap over the battery, ensuring equal parts on the top and bottom. Use the hairdryer or heat gun to evenly apply heat until the wrap shrinks snugly around the battery.

Safety Reminder

Always prioritize safety when handling batteries. Damaged wraps can lead to serious hazards. Regularly inspect your batteries and replace the wraps as needed.

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