1. Stash:

A well known and highly desired mod, the Stash box from box mod Mafia features a compact design fitted with a pricey DNA 75C chip set. With a printed nylon body and custom resin buttons and tip this mod looks both sleek and sexy. If you ever decided you wanted to make the mod your own then there is a wide plethora of options as different companies have made additional custom pieces such as doors, buttons, tips and panels which take this mod up to another level. FYI also contains a secret compartment for your goodies ;)

2. KBRS:

A new boro mod to the game and flying to the top of the leader board with its incredibly tiny and compact design. small enough to conceal in the palm of your hand this mod packs a punch. With a DNA 60 chip set the mod can be fully customised to your liking. With easy access to both the boro section, wires and DNA 60 chip set this mod is an all around winner.  

3. Billet box:

The good old faithful, if you haven't been living under a rock then you will of heard of a Billet box. The boro mod 90% of people start off with and stay loyal to over the years this mod offers the most customisability of any boro mod out there. Doors, buttons, inners, tips, stickers, screw and colours. You name it and it can be changed. Made from a solid block of metal integrated with a DNA 60 chip this mod will never let you down.   

4. Orca:

The desirable and sought after beast. The clean design offers a simple form factor mixed with easy adjustment to fine tune your vaping needs. The placement of the boro allows for easy filling so its ready when ever you need it. Standing a little taller than most, this mod still allows for compact pairing of both size and power with its built in DNA 60 chip set. Available in 3D printed, delrin and acrylic, there's something for everyone.

5. Klout mod:

A brand new mod maker to the game with their first mod known as the klout mod. This mod offers a comfortable form factor with the perfect amount of power to back it up. With its anodized full metal shell and acrylic boro door this mod works perfectly with both your DTL or MTL bridges. The large button and placement allows easy access for when ever you need your flavour and nicotine craving. perfect for those who are just getting into the boro game that needs something that's reliable, not too expensive and looks damn nice.

By Christopher Streeter


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