ODBM Co Trigger Delays and COVID Situation Update

Hey guys and girls,

So things have been a bit crazy these days and just coming into so many unexpected situations, especially with the ODBM Co. Trigger Mechanical Mod. As I am typing, the mechanical mods are on the way to the guys who will do the Cerakote or even may be with them today.

From start to finish I will try to explain the situation and try explain where things have gone a tad wrong. When designing the mechanical mod, I decided on the concept and how it should look, the idea of how I wanted it to look aesthetically, really came into issues when designing it in practice and for the machines in the UK to make. This was an easy change, a few hours extra work. These are the issues I’ve come across so far:

  1. Design changes.
  2. Issues with Manufacturing delays and timing. (I’ll write about this later).
  3. COVID delays in delivery of boxes stuck in customs.
  4. Extras – (Cotton) being an issue as it turns out the company I want to use has been acquired by someone with whom there is ‘beef’. Definitely go into this.

So, manufacturing shouldn’t have had a delay or more like, I didn’t expect to have any delays when ordering more of the product, I guess I just assumed that the when ordering the initial amount and told it would be ready by the end of July, then they all would be. I near enough tripled the order, due to such a high demand of the Trigger. I assumed timings would stay the same and all would be hunky dory.. This is my first Mech I’ve made and turns out these processes are alien to me and adding more products adds extra time.. This wasn’t explained to me though and my assumptions were incorrect. I still feel that with the ordering times they should have been here already, but can understand with upping size and lack of staff right now, that timings may have issues and delays are pretty much in effect in every aspect of every industry.

My next issue was the boxes, Ordered all in good time. Arrival date marked by FedEx as 22nd of July. Enough time to pack and all hunky dory, right? Well, FedEx decided that their 3 day delivery should be extended until today. They have been stuck in a warehouse with the inaugural ‘We are talking with the seller to resolve this issue’, to which I received constant messages and emails to explain that it is all in FedEx’s hands and there is nothing that the sender can do. Weird, FedEx are telling me I have to sort it will the sender, I was in a catch 22 circle, I couldn’t get out of. At least these arrived this morning. Feeling better now.

Cotton – This is a funny part, if not a bit tragic. I wanted to use a certain brand for my cotton inserts in the boxes, I have never used any other product and have never had another vision of the product being any other brand. This isn’t so easy when you get relayed information that ‘The owner hates you, so won’t work with you’. Literally had never worked or met the owners of the brand UNTIL….. I find out this certain brand was bought out by their new owner, with whom I indeed had ‘beef’. He had been distributing counterfeit ODB products throughout Italy. Claiming that the items were all authentic but were from CHINA… CHINNAAA… Then saying that he has NEVER sold any wraps and that all his customers were liars. Obviously this ended in a weird issue, I am sorting this now with another brand due to the other delays it won’t change the new date luckily. Still have to deal with this new wave of counterfeit sales in Italy though.

I was informed yesterday that the mech was all complete now , manufactured and ready for cerakoting. The last hurdle to having the mod out here and ready. It should be with them today and now Its all about getting there job done and dusted and sent back to me to assemble. Assembly is no issue. As I put one together, it will go out. Again though, due to COVID delays are expected. and should be with me, sorted and out for delivery by this time next week.

I cannot explain the frustration at this and can understand why customers are getting aggravated by the delays. Next time I will be ready and know about these little things and have realised that due to the conditions in which all industries are in right now, My timing for release may have just been a little too eager, yet I didn’t expect them.

I cannot express how sorry I am to you that have been waiting but be rest assured that due to changes in the design to manufacturing meant delays but I am striving to create an incredible British made mechanical mod that I am proud of. Just didn’t expect these delays. for those on pre orders, will get extra gifts and products due to the delays in there package.

We are a small company, of 1. Hi, I’m Chris, currently the only person at ODB Wraps, we aren’t some big corporate company, we aren’t from America, We aren’t from China, We are UK born and bred and we is an I.

On another note, ODB Wraps orders in still in effect to be sent out every Friday as per the notification banner on the website. This is all due to the lack of opportunities to get the parcels out, This is a safety guard as we have a lil ODB coming in under 2 months and I am trying to be as safe as possible to make sure that Tyler does not get Ill.

I hope you all understand and hope that this won’t piss you all off too much.

Thanks guys and gals.


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