Mr ODB Interview

– So, Original Dirty Bastards, where did that name come from?

So the name actually came about after a night with a friend, Harvey and my twin brother, James chatting about the ODB ‘Concept’, It was generally a tongue in cheek name that I never really expected to use. Everyone takes things so seriously sometimes and I felt that brands these days don’t really focus on who started them or the why of the brand. Not sure what draw me to it but for some reason just felt right to use the name Original Dirty Bastardz or ODB as we are known now. All I can say is that once you crack open a few beers the ideas tend to flow, and those ones are always better stories, but in all honesty the idea came from those two calling me a massive pervert haha, Original Dirty Bastard they called me.. it stuck

  • You’ve grown into a well-known brand pretty quickly, how did you get started and to what do you owe your success?

I have worked in the industry for a while as a web and graphic designer for E-Liquid brands in the UK and USA, this gave me an insight into what was really happening with the industry and what was missing. I was just annoyed that all my ideas for designs and branding were thrown to the side and dismissed as, and I quote ‘A stupid idea’. With all the frustration of seeing the same old thing every day I decided to go out on my own and start something I had my heart in. After a few months of applying for the patent, trademarks etc and designing, I finally came up with a full concept of the brand with help from some very good friends of mine. I was lucky as I had thrown this idea to one well known company in the UK industry and even luckier they thought it was a bad idea to be honest. This then lead me to get a small loan of £500 from my sister, Sophie and then the world was mine. All in all, my drive revolves around my family and friends and prolifically, my daughter. She is the aim of this business and with why I work so much on ODB.

    • You seem like a big team behind the brand? Who’s working the magic behind the scenes?

We are a very small team as it happens with me, my girlfriend Tyler (@odbmermaid) and my sales guy, Kirk (@kirkmartin) working all of it. We work very long hours and constantly busy busy busy but its all worth it. Luckily we do also have a good brood packing the wraps for me also.. and the best part is, Its my family and friends doing this. If I am doing well I want my family and friends to reap the rewards for it too.

    • You’ve managed to get yourself cloned? How does that feel?

I am not to sure to be honest, a little flattered to get to the point of being cloned but also, It is a pain in the butt. Firstly, the word clone doesn’t do it justice, makes it sound nice when its actually just illegal counterfeiting. I have people tagging and messaging me about wraps, having issues or wanting refunds for cloned products and a lot of the time they’re told by shops and sellers that they are authentic. I wouldn’t have such a big problem if the clones looked good, but they cloned pretty badly and even managed to clone some wraps you can only get from meeting me. We’ve actually started an ODB Map on our website to show authorized sellers of official ODB products which can help customers find whether they are buying counterfeit products or Authentic products.

  • Why battery wraps?

For a long time I’ve always been interested in customizing everything I had so it was always my own. The battery wraps started after I used one artists work under clear sleeve but was always so worried about having a fire or something going wrong. It was always a conversation among friends about why on earth there weren’t any battery wraps made in this way. I mean there are the same old Chinese knock off wraps that have been around for ages, but nothing that was unique or different.

  • You used to produce all the artwork yourselves, I’ve heard you are now working with a new designer, whats going on there?

For long time the designs have been done by me, but with time limitations and me trying to expand the business, I am finding less and less time to sit down and draw or build sites. Luckily I have an old friend who does some amazing work and always been a fan of. In recent years he has worked with Iron Maiden, New Found Glory, Pantera etc on some awesome pieces and have always watched him from afar. Now I am in a position to work with him on a permanent basis and I’m very excited about that. He currently produced the artwork for the Horror Series and already have him working on something very special in the next month.

  • You were saying that you have some new collaborations and joint ventures in the pipeline, any big names?

I have the All stars series out which I am very excited about, we have teamed up with some Frankenskull, Gimm Green, Vaping Bogan and M.Terk to bring out some very unique and awesome wraps and apparel. Other than that it is all very hush hush until it is released. I like to keep the cards to my chest for now but I am sure you will love the outcome.

  • I know you’ve been flying all around the world getting your name out there, where are you off to next and what events should we be looking out for this year?

Yeah, Flying the world so it seems. It’s not all that glamorous I assure you haha. We had Expos in Alicante, Birmingham recently and have China, Germany and the whole circuit again in 2019 and they do come up and want to get to as many places as possible over the next year to expand the Brand. I am sure the list ill expand generally ,as we have also partnered with our good friend Max at Royal Distro in Texas to take the brand around the USA with him.

  • It’s been great speaking to you, as a final question, where do you see yourself in a year from now?

Well feasibly 2 more lines and a lot more gear but if all goes to plan, some E-Liquid lines and ODB will be hopefully opening up some vape bars up and down the country within a year. Nothing like a good vape with a cold brew.

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