Where can I contact Customer Care?

You can contact us any day or night on Tyler@odb-wraps-310c21.ingress-comporellon.easywp.com for all customer services queries or alternatively you can contact us at our  official Facebook HERE

Whats happens after ordering?

You will be notified every step of the way, from packaging to delivery, we will keep you updated.

My order is missing an item?

Please contact tyler@odb-wraps-310c21.ingress-comporellon.easywp.com with an image of your order, order number and details of what is missing. In this unlikely scenario we will have your package back out within 24 hours.

How can I make payment?

Currently we only accept payment through PayPal. Due to so many international and domestic orders we find it much easier to localize and simplify our payments.

What are ODB Points?

ODB Points are a way of us giving something back t our loyal customers. Over time you can save up your points to gain FREE items in your future orders or alternatively you can use your points to get a discount.


How much is delivery?

We make sure all our deliveries are signed for around the world.

United Kingdom: £2.95 2nd Class Signed For

Europe: £6.95 International Europe Signed For

Rest Of The World: £9.95 International Signed For

How long does delivery take?

United Kingdom – 2-4 Working Days

Europe – 3-7 Working Days 

Rest Of The World* – 5-12 Working Days

Worst case scenario some deliveries can take up to *28 Days

Wheres my tracking?

If you haven’t received an email with your tracking details in it, you can find your tracking in the account you set up when making your order. Alternatively, contact tyler@odb-wraps-310c21.ingress-comporellon.easywp.com for more info.

Do you do next day delivery?

As much as we receive emails stating we do, No we don’t and never have.


Does ODB Wraps do sponsorships?

Currently ODB UK (Team 2006) roster is FULL.

Unlike many companies in the industry,

We do not care about:

  • “number of followers”
  • “social out reach”
  • “who you know”

Many of our team rank low on followers, aren’t professional or for some even rarely post. The ethos of the team is building a family. Come meet us and hang out at expos, get involved with the community, just enjoy what you’re doing and we will notice.

How do I get on the team?

Don’t push. 

How to....

Shrink you battery wrap?

Re wrapping your batteries is a must in this day and age and a few quick steps to do it,

  1.  Tear off old wraps from your battery.
  2. slide ODB Wraps over the battery leaving equal parts on top and bottom.
  3. Using a heat gun or 2000w Hair dryer slowly wash the heat over the wrap until you see shrinkage occur.
  4. You’re done!
Notice if mine is a counterfeit?

We get this quite often. Our retailers and distributors will be slowly building the ODB map as time goes on and can see authorized sellers on there. You can check out our post HERE for more info and tips on not buying counterfeit goods.

IP & Copright

Where are ODB Trademarked?

United Kingdom, Europe, China and America are all covered by the ODB trademark logo We are also in final stages of full world wide coverage.