June Update – ODBW

Hey guys and girls, or as I like to call you ‘my little bastardz’

We have been very busy at HQ getting ready for the summer and designing to our hearts content for some new season designs, be it galaxy print, camo designs, cheese or even just making the wraps dirty DIRTY, we are well on our way to bringing you some special stuff. We have been involved in some big things collaborating with some of the biggest brands out in Europe and the UK which has got us very excited.

TEAM 20-06

The team is growing bigger and stronger as we can expect, some names will stay and some will go and we wish them a big hoorah for their enduring journey into the vape world. with a large team ready to show their skill in vaping. You can see our team at events up and down the country and expect to see us trailing our way at expos this year.

Wraps Season 2

Season Two will be very different to season 1, with more design and much more colour to give that added effect to your wrap and battery. But this time , the theme is, dun dun dunnnnnn… Animals THAT KILL!! watch this space for a sneak peak.


We are currently talking to a few companies about bringing out some collaborative wraps to entice you. The designing process is underway with many of them already finished and ready for approval. its exciting to see the ODBW name getting such a foothold in the wrap industry.

Dino Tee

With the Dino tee due for release on 1st of July we have been inundated with pre-orders for this beauty. to get your hands on one of these tees make sure you get yourself online and pre-order yours as soon as you can. Be part of the ODBW Support team with this one of a kind designed Dino tee inspired by the grit and tenacity of our customers.

Where can you find us?

We are now dominating the UK faster than we expected, and very excited to see that we are now stationed out in KIEV, Ukraine. Over the coming months you can watch our map flourish as we start to dominate the globe.



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