Battery Safety Guide

Battery guide

So you have or are considering purchasing a mod with removable batteries…awesome, let’s clear the myths from the facts, give you the low down on different types and get you on the road to a safer understanding of batteries predominantly used in vaping.

If you decide that mods with removable batteries are the right choice for you then the next step is deciding on a battery cell for your device. Do check the product specification for your mod as some mods take more than one battery and some of the most recent model’s will even take 4!

Once you’ve worked out how many you need, now comes the fun of actually choosing which battery to go with, this can be daunting because there is literally 100’s of options but trust us when we say you are far better off sticking with the big names for battery power such as `Sony, LG, `Samsung and Panasonic. These guys have been around for years and are the pioneers, In fact a lot of the other more obscure brands are actually rewrapped batteries from the big 4 that didn’t make the cut with their stringent quality control.

When choosing a battery you will see a lot of technical jargon flung around but the most important bits you need to know are the following:

MaH – this indicates the batteries energy storage capacity. The higher this number, essentially it means the longer it will last.

Maximum Continuous amp rating – this indicates the batteries continuous amp discharge rating limit. If you were to hold the fire button on your device but stay within these limits essentially your coil should act as a fuse and burn out long before you are going to have a battery on your hands that is in a dangerous state of discharge. Also as long as you are using a regulated (digital device) they have many safety features built in such as thermal cut out, overload protection among many others.

Maximum amp Pulse rating – sometimes battery manufacturers issue these but they are not recognised as specification standards within the battery industry, every manufacturer has their own version of this but you shouldn’t operate at these limits as you will be operating far over the recommended continuous rating so if something were to go wrong such this could cause the battery to vent or worse still explode.

18650,18350,26500 etc – this is basically the size of the battery which has been adopted by the industry to easily identify different sized batteries. Let’s take a 18650 battery, what it means is the battery is 18mm x 65.0mm in size.

So you’ve decided on your battery but now you want to know how to maintain you battery.. once you have your battery the first thing you will most likely want to do is charge your battery. Whilst most digital mods have a built in charging feature using a micro USB lead, we do not recommend charging the batteries in this way as the charging circuit within the devices don’t always fully charge the batteries and eventually this can cause the cell to degrade much faster which will end up with you having to replace them a lot sooner. This is especially important if you have a device with more than 1 cell as most digital device right now can not effectively charge 2 cells or more at once which ends up with you having imbalanced charging and one battery will never fully receive a full charge again causing your batteries to prematurely breakDown. We always recommend using a proper battery charge like one of the devices on our site which will ensure your batteries are always charged to their optimum State.

Whenever you remove your batteries to charge them make sure that you check the plastic wrapping on the battery thoroughly for any nicks or damage. If you can see any tears or metal exposed you must replace the wrap straight away as placing this in your device may cause the battery to create a hard short which will cause the battery to vent and could cause it to explode. You can purchase replacement battery wraps on our site and it is a very simple process of removing the old wrap and sliding the new piece of heat shrink tubing on it and using a hair dryer to slowly warm the wrap until it has shrunk all the way around the battery. Leave the battery to cool and your good to go! When removing the old battery wrap always work from the negative end of the battery and never use any metal or sharp object near or around the positive terminal on the top of the battery, this could cause a short on the battery and could have serious consequences. If your unsure drop is a message for guidance.

Great.. you now feel confident in safely using, charging and maintaining you batteries and you want to get a spare set for those long days when your not near your charger… brilliant idea just make sure you Always keep your batteries in plastic storage cases when not in use. Never place any batteries loose in your pocket or bag as again if your battery comes into contact with loose change or keys it could cause a hard short and again could cause the battery to vent or worse explode.

We want you to enjoy your vaping experience but we want you to be safe too… if your not sure on the above and want more info feel free to drop us a message on our contact page and we would be happy to help you choose the correct battery with the correct amp rating for your device.

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