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Inhale Coils – Fused Clapton (0.18Ω – 0.20Ω)

2 x 27g cores wrapped with 37g all TMN80 Resistance:2.5mm ID | 6 Wraps | Dual coil 0.18Ω – 0.20Ω2.5mm ID | 6 Wraps | Single coil 0.36Ω – 0.40Ω...
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Razor's Edge Shears – UK ONLY Pink

Best scissors on the market. Designed start to finish to be the ultimate scissors for cotton. Sharper than a Hattori Hanzō. More precise than an M21 Sniper. Lifetime warranty does not cover...
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Inhale Coils – Alien V1 (0.168Ω – 0.18Ω)

Spec:3 x 28g cores wrapped with 36g all TMN80 Resistance:3.0mm ID | 5 Wraps | Dual coil 0.168Ω – 0.18Ω3.0mm ID | 5 Wraps | Single coil 0.32Ω – 0.36Ω...
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Kontrl – DOT AIO Transparent internal

Coming soon to ODB Wraps…
AccessoriesCoil Clout

Coil Clout Coils – Fused (.18Ω)

3×26/37N80 6 Wrap 3mm